Project Outputs

Photo by Dr. Graeme Baxter

The RiCORE project consists of 6 work packages. See below for a description of each work package and to download available project outputs.

Work package 1 – Project Management
This work package is concerned with achieving project aims in a timely manner, ensuring scientific excellence, and promoting equality.
RiCORE D1.2 Interim Report Final
RiCORE D1.3 Final Report

Work package 2 – Profiling Member State consenting processes and reconciling EU legal requirements
This work package is concerned with: stakeholders identification and engagement; national licensing procedures review; and feasibility for the implementation of a risk-based approach.
RiCORE D2.1 Workshop2 Report Final
RiCORE D2.2 Legal Institutional Review Final
RiCORE D2.3D2.4 Legal Feasibility Final

Work package 3 – Survey, Deploy and Monitor
The activities in this work package are: Review of current Survey Deploy and Monitor; policy confirmation of novel technology selection; development of risk profiling; and insertion of novel technology approach into country patterns.
RiCORE D3.1 SDM Policy Final
RiCORE D3.2 Novel Technology Selection Final
RiCORE D3.3 Development of Risk Profiling

Work package 4 – Pre-consent survey optimisation
This work package is concerned with: Identification of current requirements; identification of commonalities; survey guidance; cost reduction opportunities; and socio-economic engagement.
RiCORE D4.2 Commonalities and Differences Final
RiCORE D4.3 Pre Consent Survey Efficiencies Final
RiCORE D4.4 Pre Consent Survey Guidance Final

Work package 5 – Post-Consent & Post-Deployment monitoring standardisation
The aim of this work package is: Reviewing monitoring technology; and developing appropriate ‘industry standard’ strategies for post-consent and post-deployment monitoring.
RiCORE D4.1D5.1 Workshop1 Report Final
RiCORE D5.2D5.4 Adaptive Management and Post-Consent Monitoring Strategies Final
RiCORE D5.3 Workshop4 Report Final

Work package 6 – Dissemination, Communication and Stakeholder Engagement
The final work package is concerned with: Developing a project identity and presence; stakeholder database and expert workshop preparations; communication, engagement and impact strategy; and organisation of final conference.

D6.3 RiCORE Project Movie

Short version

Long version


Short version Dutch


Short version French





Short version German

Short version German

Short version Spanish

Short version Portuguese

Short version Portuguese







RiCORE D6.4 Targeted Communications Final
RiCORE D6.5 Conference Presentations
RiCORE D6.6 Academic Journal Articles