teresaTeresa Simas – Head of Marine Environment and Public Policies

Teresa is the coordinator of the marine environment team and research projects on environmental assessment and public policies at WavEC. She has 10 years experience as a researcher at the Group of Ecological Modelling in the Institute of Marine Research in Portugal where she worked as associate researcher on the assessment of marine environment quality standards. She has also worked for several years as a consultant for projects to be deployed in the marine environment. She has a PhD on Marine Environmental Engineering and has previous degrees on Marine Biology and Fisheries and a MSc on Marine Ecology.

InesInês Machado – Project Manager and Researcher – Marine Environment

Inês has been working in the Marine Environment team at WavEC during the last three years as a researcher and project manager in several national and international projects. Her expertise covers benthos and fish and shellfish assessment both through sampling and imagery techniques (ROV operations). She has a degree in Biology with a specialisation in Marine Biology and a MSc on marine sciences and sea resources.


EricaErica Cruz – Project Manager and Researcher – Marine Bioacoustics

Erica is part of the Marine Environment team at WavEC since 2012. She is an expert on marine bioacoustics and has been responsible for the acoustic and noise monitoring of the marine renewable energy projects where WavEC has been involved with. She has been also involved in several national and international projects related with the environmental assessment of marine renewable energy. She has a degree in Aquatic Sciences and a MSc on Marine Ecology.


SorayaSoraya Hamawi – Project Manager and Researcher – Public Policies

Soraya started her work at the WavEC in 2010 by conducting a study on the innovation system of wave energy in Portugal. After that she started functioning as a hub for firms by stimulating internationalization, collaboration, innovation and technology development. She also works with public participation, licensing and consenting processes, and has worked closely with the different stakeholders involved in and influencing this process. She has a MSc degree in Science and Innovation Management from the Utrecht University, The Netherlands.